Chapter 17

Mid-day, April 23

Donna had never been so angry in her life, and she’d been angry plenty of times. That slimy little creep! And on top of that, she’d ruined her clothes. And her shoes!

She threw the grass-stained pumps into her closet and pulled off her slacks.They had irreparable picks in the expensive fabric where she’d brushed against thorny vines.She tossed them atop the shoes.

My plans are too important, the money is too much, he’ll just come back for more, he’ll ruin everything! Her thoughts went back and forth with her pacing footsteps. What on earth am I going to do. Bath. I need a bath.

Running hot water to fill the tub, Donna poured in her favorite lavender-scented bath oil. I’ve always been able to take care of myself, she figured, and I can take care of this. I will take care of this.

She slipped down into the water, leaned back on the foam headrest, and stared at the bathroom wall.

As she saw again the smirk on J.J.’s face as he made his polite ‘request’ for money, she repetitively squeezed her bath sponge dry with both hands. Oh yes, I will take care of this.


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